Media Justitia Nusantara (MJN) is a journal that intends to publish most quality research papers in the fields of law or criminology and social justice studies. The journal is keen to present relative overview of law, system-wide trends and problems on law, crime and justice throughout the world. Journal provides a medium for social scientists to report research findings with respect to crime and justice through innovative and advanced methodologies.

The Journal encourages in submission of articles, research notes, and commentaries and also invites papers based on empirical research, theoretical analysis and debate, and policy analysis and critique that centre on crime and broadly defined justice-related topics in an international perspective.

P-ISSN  : 2085 - 8884
E-ISSN  : 2829 - 5889
DOI       : https//doi.org/10.30999
URL       : http://ojs.uninus.ac.id/index.php/MJN

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Vol 4, No 1 (2015): Februari 2015

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Fontian Munzil