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Shalawat is a mark of respect to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. By reading shalawat mean we have to perfome the command of Allah S.W.T contained in the Qur'an Surah AlAhzab verse 56. According to the argument, there are different meaning, redaction, and the law of reading-shalawat on the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The different are proved by the presence of book paper shaped the study of books, documents, or files from Internet sites. The identification of the problem, namely a change of meaning, sentences redaction differences, and different in determination of the law of reading-shalawat. The shalawat meaning changed as of praying, a blessing and forgiveness. There are two kind shalawat redaction of shalawat ma'tsurah and ghairu ma'tsurah. There are a determination of the law of reading shalawat is mandatory, sunna, and heresy. The purpose of this research is to know the cause of the change of meaning, redaction of the sentence, and the determination of the law of reading shalawat. The approach method of this reserch is qualitative. Primary sources are from two interviewees, Prof. Rosihon H. Anwar, M.Ag, and Ustadz Wawan Shofwan Shalehudin. The secondary sources are derived from Tafsir Ibn Kathir, segue Greatness Books, Books Principles of General Linguistics, and other works contained in secondary sources. In the data collection techniques, the author uses interview and documentation. Data analysis techniques are divided into three processes, data reduction process, display, and verification. The object of the research consists of 17 books and 13 internet sites on the shalawat to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The author reserch classify into three tables to discuss the meaning, redaction, and the law of reading shalawat.. Then the author interpreted and discussed based on the foundation of existing theories. Then implied in the interpretation and determination of the law. The conclusion of reserch that changes the meaning of shalawat occur by differences (of use, of user, or contexs) that is from Allah S.W.T, angels, and humans. The kind of change of meaning extendsbecause the original meaning changedsthis on the user. There are 31 kinds of redaction shalawat in connectied with the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and there are 246 kinds of redaction shalawat is not connectied with the hadith of the Prophet. There are three laws reading shalawat is mandatory, sunna, and heresy (heresy mazdmumah or heresy hasanah)

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